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How to untangle a necklace?

How to untangle a necklace?

Dive into the Heart of Jewellery with us in this blog post to learn how to untangle a necklace easily.

"This is a misadventure that happens to everyone some day! A fancy necklace tangled around the neck it happened quickly. On the other hand, it is much more complicated to untangle it, unless of course, you know the 3 tricks that we are going to present to you below. Some of you jewellery lovers may think you can do without them. But it seems useless to spend 10 minutes damaging your necklace when you know the methods to use! We are therefore going to show you the 3 essential tips to remember to untangle a necklace or chains of pendants effortlessly. Whether you own a choker or any other type of necklace, this little jewellery tutorial is made for you!".

Tip #1 - Talcum powder

This may seem strange to anyone who is not aware of this golden trick. But talcum powder is indeed a real ally in this annoying situation.

How to proceed?

It's very simple! Simply pour a little talcum powder where the chain forms a knot. It will act as a lubricant, which will make untangling easier! This trick has the advantage of protecting the chain against breakage, we highly recommend it!

Tip #2 - Oil

Whether for food or care, oil can be of great use in this situation. It has the advantage of being much more useful than talcum powder in everyday life, you must have some at home!

How to proceed?

First take the unravelling chain in the palm of your hand. Then pour a small drop of oil and rub your hands over the chain at the knot area. In just a few moments you can see that the knot is beginning to unravel, then just pull gently!

Tip #3 - Needles

Like oil, this is something we all have at home. This method is very practical because it can be combined with the other two. You can use needles after applying talcum powder or oil.

How to proceed?

Use two thin needles. Insert them in the centre of the knot, between its two sides. Start by gently spreading them apart in opposite directions. This should cause the knot to begin to loosen. Now finish with your fingers!

Now you can wear a freshly untangled necklace! We recommend that you take great care with our methods in special cases, such as a pearl necklace or a silver chain that is too fragile.

Next objective... No more untangling them! 

To avoid making knots in your chains, store them separately in jewellery boxes, cases or tissue paper. Lay them as flat as possible before closing the lid. You can also hang them on a jewellery display. This will prevent them from getting tangled on themselves or with your other necklaces.

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