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How to organize kitchen cupboards?

How to organize kitchen cupboards?

We spend so much time in our kitchens nowadays, from cooking and entertaining to working, so a well organized cupboard storage is more important than ever.

Planning makes perfect, of course, so it’s always best to consider what you really need from the space from day one. Thus, if you are at the first stage where nothing is set up yet, it is important to think about the size of the kitchen, whether it is open to the living area and what you need and want to store within immediate reach of the cooking zone, the eating zone, etc.

Accessing genius kitchen cupboard storage ideas is a high priority, whether you’re designing a new kitchen or trying to maximize your current one. Here you can find some tips and ideas that would help organizing your kitchen cupboards. Armed with these stylish layout and organizational tips, I promise — you’ll never have to experience a Tupperware container avalanche ever again!

1. Build out the storage you really need

Drawers were made for storage and organisation, but that doesn’t mean they’re always well-suited to your needs from the get go. Adding drawer inserts can turn things like topsy-turvy stacks of bowls and jumbles of cutlery into an efficient, streamlined setup.

2. Use turntables inside your cabinets

Turntables are the kitchen storage secret weapon when it comes to making any dead space functional. Use them to make spices accessible or so that you can see and grab exactly the right hot sauce from your collection. They’re also great for organizing bottles of oil that you might keep in the cabinet next to the stove for easy access while you’re cooking.

3. Use drawer dividers everywhere you can

Drawer dividers keep like items with like and help direct your hand to exactly the utensil or tool that you need. They also keep items from being piled on top of each other and from sliding around in drawers.

4. Take things out of the cabinets

One of the keys to successful organisational systems that can be maintained is that spaces aren’t overcrowded. If you’re short on kitchen cupboards/cabinet space, consider taking some items out of your cabinets and storing them elsewhere in your kitchen. Taking pots and pans out of your cabinets and hanging them frees up valuable cabinet and cupboards space and it can look really good.

5. Decide where you are going to store your spices

If you keep spices on the counter, try to limit them to the spices you use most often. The location you choose to store your spices will depend mainly on how much space you need and where that space is available. Clear spice jars that are the same shape and size will be more pleasing to the eye. Try using recycled small glass containers like baby food jars.

6. And use the space above the cabinets, too

If your cabinets don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, you can still make use of that above-cabinet space. Turn it into storage for bulky (and not-often-used) pots, the cookbooks you pull out every once in a while, extra ingredients, or even a spot to show off a collection.

7. Use hooks to hang mugs on the underside of shelves

Hanging mugs from hooks takes advantage of the unused space above a stack of plates or bowls. And you’ll be able to reach your favorite mug without shuffling the others out of the way.

8. Store serving platters vertically

Use a cutting board organizer to store your serving platters on their sides. This way you can pull out and put away exactly what you need when you need it without having to pull a pile out of the cabinet and go through a stack.

9. Store like with like

Storing similar things together serves both aesthetic and practical purposes: Grouping items that look the same is pleasing to the eye and having the same kind of things together also helps you know what’s where, and what goes back where.

10. Label everything

When you’re looking at a collection of disparate containers filled with all kinds of different contents, it can be visually and mentally overwhelming. Labeling restores calm. Yes, you know what’s inside just by looking through clear containers, but labels give you just the amount of distance and information to not have to perform that mental exertion. Seems slightly ridiculous; makes a huge difference.

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